Assigning a deal owner

We’re happy to release our latest update of assigning a deal owner. This new feature increases flexibility of managing deals which is especially important in a multi-user environment. Deals associated with a single Account can now be owned and nurtured by individual team members regardless of the overall owner of the contact. This enables team members to focus even more on their sales targets and ultimately winning deals! Filter by Team Member in the Sales […]

3 common mistakes when choosing a CRM for a small business

Ever competed in a bike race? If so, you know the amount of work that goes into training. You prepare a ride schedule and stick to it. You measure your progress. Each day is important because it makes you stronger and more prepared for when the actual race day arrives.

But let’s not overlook a crucial aspect in winning the race - your bike! It’s what gets you to the finish line. One important question you should ask yourself before training even begins is: what kind of bike should I get that best suits my needs and helps me to win?


Manually merge duplicates in your Action Stream

As you know, OnePageCRM allows users to create contacts with the same/similar data. However, in some cases this means unwelcome duplicates are created. So in the hopes of resolving this issue once and for all, today we launch the simple but amazingly effective feature – merging duplicates (triplicates as well!). Now, with just a few clicks you can merge 2 or even 3 contacts. How does the Merge Duplicate tool work? After you select Merge Duplicates from the Bulk Action menu […]

Promote Queued Actions / Close your Sales Process

Today we are introducing two amazing new features which make it easier to deal with situations when you hit a wall within the sales cycle or when you want to promote a queued action to Next Action. Closing Sales Cycle This new functionality allows you to close your Sales Cycle with contacts you do not have Next Action with. To read more about this feature click here. Promote Queued Action to Next Action You will […]