Author: Ciara Byrne

Your Sales Process Is Your Secret Sauce

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky, the principal at CaCube Consulting, helps B2B software companies with their go-to-market strategy and marketing execution. Many of the companies he works with have multiple customer-facing roles, from Sales Development to Customer Success Reps. “To have all those different roles collaborate effectively, they need to be tied by something,“ says De Kouchkovsky.… Read More

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Death of the Self-Obsessed Salesman

“I think salespeople think about themselves too much,” says Ralph Barsi, who leads ServiceNow‘s worldwide sales development organization. “They don’t think about the buyer. They don’t think about this as the start of a potentially long business relationship. I think that’s a big, big problem.” Barsi has spent 22 years in sales, both as an… Read More

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The Sales Tool Checklist

“We see teams overstocked with sales tools,” says Brisk’s CEO Hampus Jakobsson. “We’re all emotional shoppers so I think it’s good to have a checklist to make sure you’re making decisions the right way.” 1. Do you actually have a problem? “It seems obvious but we see people buying tools before they have the problem,”… Read More

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Five Essential Meetings For Every Sales Team

“I think that we find ourselves over-believing in tools,” says Brisk’s CEO Hampus Jakobsson. “When I interviewed Wiser’s VP of Sales and asked him about his best sales tools and practices and he said ‘Talking to my reps face to face.’” Here are five meetings every sales team should hold regularly. 1. A weekly stand-up… Read More

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In praise of the so-so salesperson

“If you can’t successfully build a business with average salespeople, then you’re really going to struggle,” says Kevin Beales. “Because there’s not that many rock stars out there.” Beales is a co-founder of Refract, which tags video for coaching purposes. Coaching was a frequent task for Beales when he was a SaaS sales manager. Since… Read More

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Time is the enemy of every SaaS sale

“The enemy of any enterprise opportunity, or any sales opportunity, is time,” says Kevin Beales, the co-founder of Refract and several other enterprise SaaS companies. “That time creates risk. Things change. Companies change. People change. Priorities change.” Beales’s solution is to create a compelling trigger to close the deal now. With a SaaS model, if… Read More

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SalesHacker’s Guide to Sales Hacking

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” says Max Altschuler, co-founder of SalesHacker. “Not especially sales, just understanding what you need to do in order to move the needle.” After starting several companies during and after college, Altschuler ended up doing business development at online learning marketplace Udemy “where I started building out all these really crazy… Read More

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How to get a meeting with a VIP

Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke often sends VIPs a framed cartoon with a message on the back saying he would like to meet. The cartoon always features the VIP. Heinecke usually gets the meeting. In his new book, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how to reach previously unreachable people using… Read More

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The Salesman’s Guide to CEOs and their Assistants

“When sales people think of executive assistants, usually they think of them as gatekeepers in a negative way,“ says Stu Heinecke author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone. “Instead, I think of them as talent scouts or as Vice Presidents of Access.” Heinecke is a Wall Street Journal cartoonist and marketer who often… Read More

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Sales Bootcamp: How to train a rookie salesperson

For the last 10 years Scott Leese, SVP of Sales at OutboundEngine, has been the guy that founders call to get a new company off the ground. “I’m the first two to three years guy,” says Leese. “I’m going to get you from zero to a $50 million valuation. That’s my niche.” Leese has mainly… Read More

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