How to increase sales and improve your team workflow

Working as part of the Customer Success team for almost three years, some of the top questions which arise are ‘how do I assign another team member a task’ or ‘can I be notified about a project’ – well it’s easy! In today’s post, we’ll demonstrate how you can stay connected with your team members by looking at an example of a typical team’s organizational inside sales workflow. In practice Take a marketing services agency ‘’Make it happen […]
sales pipeline

Drive your Sales Pipeline forward with these expert tips

Your Sales Pipeline in OnePageCRM is a core forecasting tool and gives you a clear view of your expected future revenue. Today, I’m going to summarize the core elements of your Sales Pipeline and highlight the pros of using it in order to better manage your deals, become more productive and most importantly increase sales. How to set up your Sales Pipeline? First things first, edit your Deal Stages Funnel to reflect your workflow (only the […]
google gadget

Removal of Google Gadget for new OnePageCRM Lead Clipper

From the 30th of September 2014, OnePageCRM’s Google Gadget is no longer be available for download from the Google Apps Marketplace. What does this mean for me? The option to add new contacts to OnePageCRM or view your existing contacts and their Next Actions from inside your Gmail mailbox will not be possible. Why? Plans for the future… The removal of this feature is as a result of Google’s recent decision to merge their Google Apps […]

OnePageCRM expands and moves to a bigger, bolder new office!

I’m delighted to report that OnePageCRM is becoming more and more popular - just last year our customer base grew by almost 300%! And we’re are not slowing down.

To take care of all our customers, our team is getting bigger too -  ‘outgrowing’ our Irish office.That’s why, just last week we moved into our awesome new office. Bigger of course, but in true OnePageCRM-style, it’s not your standard office!