complex sale

A 4 Part System to Mastering the Complex Sale

Your sales team must assume the customer either understands their own problems fully, partially, or not at all. The question is, are those assumptions correct? Jeff Thull, in his best-selling book Mastering the Complex Sale, talks about the evolution of B2B selling over the years, from a product-oriented approach to today’s full diagnosis of the customer’s problem. If we take a minute to follow his historical outline, you’ll be able to see whether your sales process is […]

Find and Merge duplicate contacts in bulk!

You can now find and merge all your duplicate contacts in OnePageCRM. When merging contacts in bulk, all Deals, Notes and stored emails from all the duplicate contacts will be copied to the single merged contact. Single value fields like First Name Last Name Job Title Company Address (City, State, Zip, Country) Status Lead source Owner Custom Fields (except ones of type Checkbox) will be copied from the most recently contact created. It assumes that […]

How to manage, pay, reward and set quotas for your sales development team

See how B2B sales development teams are organized in over 350 leading companies. The latest research reveals how companies are structuring their sales development teams. The report highlights how sales reps are managed, how quotas are set and how compensation is calculated. It also reveals what factors increase performance. Is your sales team giving up too soon? The average sales development rep makes 8 attempts per contact. But the latest research shows that reps who […]
Cold Email Prospecting Template

The cold email template that generates all our B2B leads

In this post I will cover: Where to get leads from. How to run an outsourced lead generation team. The cold prospecting email that will get you business. The costs of running this process. Hello (waves), my name is Alan O’Rourke. You might know me from such places as that page on the internet and that guy who posts stuff on twitter. Michael, our great and holy CEO asked me to join the great team here […]