2016 Sales Trends

It’s that time of year when sales gurus predict the most important sales trends and challenges of 2016. We bring you four of the best links.

The six biggest sales trends to watch in 2016 (Venturebeat): Emails automatically tailored to a prospect’s personality, video as a B2B sales channel and the importance of cadence.

Sales trends and challenges for 2016 (Mikogo Blog): Not just one, but 12, sales experts share their predictions which include sales overwhelm, newsjacking and the rise of the sales manager.

The top three sales problems of 2016 AEs can’t upsell, there are no good sales managers and SDRs are a gateway drug.

Humans will be irrational buyers in 2016 (TED Talk): And every other year too, because monkeys also act irrationally in markets.

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