Customers who have Increased sales

“With CRMs I've tried them all, some had too much or too little of what I needed, sometimes the learning curve on those CRMs was ridiculous. OnePageCRM was so easy to use and get started. In the first two months of using it I found an increase in sales and bookings. Having been a GTD fan for a long time, OnePageCRM fits the way I work. OnePage gets the job done.“

Margo Brown
Productivity Coach and Professional Organizer at Wave Productivity

Customers who found it Easy-to-use

Customers who have Improved their focus

“We have chosen OnePageCRM having tried over 30 alternatives. OnePageCRM has developed a truly easy way to collect relevant data about customers and retrieve them at the right time. Tech startup teams easily get distracted by "fake work". OnePageCRM helps to prevent that by turning CRM into a to-do list. On every contact there's a reminder about the next action that must be taken in order to make progress. Each morning in you will find an email in your inbox with a list of contacts you should follow up with. This helps maintain discipline and focus on what matters most for business - sales.

Ela Bednarek
CEO at Gluu IO

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