API Documentation for developers

API Version 2.3

This documentation is for a legacy version of our API. Support for this version is being phased out.
Please see developer.onepagecrm.com for the current API.

Welcome & Getting started

If you are looking at this page you’re hopefully thinking about developing a cool plugin or service for OnePageCRM using our API access. Check out our documentation and spread the OnePage love and eco-system.

OnePage uses a RESTful API with XML, JSON or YAML over HTTP.

We’re continuously improving and updating our app and the API. Check out Version History for recently applied updates.

What kind of really useful stuff can I build?

You can access and work with most of our features allowing you to create solutions. We’ve listed some examples below.

Collect leads in web forms. Perfect for Lead Gen, you can drive traffic to a landing page and use a web form to collect and send the prospect’s details directly to OnePageCRM.

Connect to our cloud app. The beauty of the cloud is being able to connect with other useful business apps to offer our users a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Extract specific contacts. Filter your contacts by tag to only get what you need from the OnePage database.

Set or save details. Without accessing your account you can use the API to set next actions, add deals or notes to contacts.

Ready to get started?

In the documentation we cover the basics of interacting with the OnePage API, but if you have any queries, we’d love to hear from you!